Pycon Colombia 2021

We want to invite you to One of the finest
Python conferences In the world


Keynote Speakers

Anna Ossowski

PSF Director
Senior Developer Relations Programs, Engineering, at Elastic

Brandon Rhodes

Seasoned speaker. Creator of, author of both the PyEphem astronomy library and Skyfield, along with smaller projects like logging_tree module.
Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. Chair of PyCon US 2016–2017.

Lindsey Heagy

Contributor to Jupyter, 2i2c, and open geoscience tools
Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia

Sebastian Ramirez

Creator of FastAPI, Typer and other Open source tools

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Schedule 2021

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Call for papers Open

01 February 2021
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31 March 2021
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PyCon Colombia 2021

19 June 2021
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