Linode believes that in order to accelerate innovation in the cloud, virtual computing must be more accessible, affordable, and simple. Our infrastructure-as-a-service platform is deployed across 11 global markets from our data centers around the world and is supported by our Next Generation Network, advanced APIs, comprehensive services, and vast library of educational resources. Linode products, services, and people enable developers and businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications more easily and cost-effectively in the cloud.

Why Developers Trust Linode

For nearly two decades, developers continue to rely on Linode cloud infrastructure to build and host their applications and data. Developers know that cloud computing is all that we do. We don't operate subsidiaries in markets that compete with our customers. Developers respect our commitment to the developer community. We don't build products that compete with the products they've built. Developers appreciate our longstanding belief in transparency. We don't cloak our products or pricing in complexity. Developers embrace our independence. We've proven time and again that a successful company can be built based on the needs of its customers instead of investors. Linode is the cloud provider developers trust because we give them an alternative to the costly, complex, and competitive choices they currently have in the market.

Linode Today

Two decades later, Linode is the largest independent open cloud provider in the world with 11 global data centers serving nearly a million customers and businesses around the globe. Linode's mission remains unchanged since the day it began: to accelerate innovation by making cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all. Throughout its history, the bootstrapped company has deliberately rebuffed the temptation of outside investment, creating a company that reflects the higher social calling of the open source movement and freeing it to always put its customers first in every decision it makes.